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Manifest Athlete

Performance Lab

6727 431 HWY

Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763, USA



Sports Performance Training

Supplemental training for youth athletes and collegiate performers alike. Manifest Athlete provides sport performance training to help athletes excel. 

We believe that no athlete is the same, and their training should reflect that. Through personalized athletic conditioning, we assist athletes in reaching their top level of performance to excel in every competition. 

Who Is It For?

Manifest Athlete's Athletic Conditioning is for any athlete looking to advance their skills with supplemental training. If you have an athlete, or are an athlete looking to perform their best, on and off the field, our Athletic Conditioning is right for you. 

What Can You Expect?

Private Training: Our fully equipped garage gym is the environment every athlete needs to get the most effective results. Completely focused on the athlete, there are no distractions - only hard work and results. 

Customized Workout Plan: In traditional athletic conditioning, all athletes are trained the same. The problem with this style of training? It fails to take into consideration the individual athlete’s needs, strengths and weaknesses. 

At Manifest Athlete, we train each athlete according to their body. We develop comprehensive sport performance plans to prepare each athlete for sport success. Things we work on include:

  • Body Composition
  • Flexibility
  • Core
  • Balance
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Muscle Imbalances

Injury Prevention: To better prepare athletes for sport performance, we develop plans to prevent injury. Working with the individual athlete's weaknesses is what allows us to best provide injury prevention training unlike other training programs. 

Mental Fortitude: Mental strength is just as important as the physical. Because of that, we train our Athletes to be just as mentally fit as they are physically, equipping them for competition in all aspects. 

In App Tracking: See your incremental progress with our training tracking app. Our athletes are able to see their strength increase, their physique change and track their meals in one location!

Nutritional Coaching (Optional): Food is fuel. We provide the necessary nutritional coaching to help athletes understand how to properly fuel their body for the best performance with no restrictive diets. 

COVID Safe Environment: We take health precautions very seriously. Cleaning after every athlete, providing hand sanitizer and maintaining a 6-foot protocol so you don't have to wear masks while you train. 

Your Investment

With your dedication and our supplemental conditioning you can propel yourself to win. We offer three customizable plans to best accompany your sport training so you get the most effective results, without overworking yourself. 

Claim Your Free Consultation

Have any other questions on our Athletic Conditioning? 

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Workout Plans

Flexible plans to fit every athlete's training schedule. Get the most out of their sport performance, without overworking them. 

12-Week Plan


$55 per session

Athletes begin to correct imbalances and strengthen weaker areas

 of their body to see positive changes in sport performance

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)

6 Month Plan


$45 per session

Athletes continually adapt their workouts to see changes in strength and overall conditioning, getting the best results with this plan. 

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)

*Purchase this plan, get the 6th month no cost to you!

(promotion only lasts until 12/31/22)

12 Month Plan


$35 per session

Athletes challenge and develop their body in every area

 to see long-term sport success with this plan. 

45-60 min sessions

Up to 3 Face-to-Face Sessions per week

Private Gym Training

In App Progress Tracking

Nutritional Coaching (optional)

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