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Manifest Athlete

Performance Lab

6727 431 HWY

Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763, USA


Personal Training 

Private personal training for all ages and levels of athleticism in Owens Cross Roads and Hampton Cove Area. It's time to Manifest the Athlete in You!

COVID-19 Precautions Manifest Athlete Takes

The safety of our Athletes and staff are of great importance. Manifest Athlete sanitizes between each athlete, provides hand sanitizer and continues to enforce social distancing to combat safety concerns. 

Personal training for weight loss and strength building at Manifest Athlete in the Hampton Cove Area

One-on-One Personal Training

For every age and level of fitness, Manifest Athlete offers comprehensive personal training for weight loss, strength training, and overall physical well being.


There is an Athlete in all of us.

We just have to Manifest it,

One workout at a time.  

Athletic Conditioning

From youth to collegiate athletics, Manifest Athlete provides sports performance training to help every athlete excel and win!

Youth athletic conditioning in Hampton Cove area at Manifest Athlete

Private Training

For the shy athlete and the one seeking more focus...

Manifest Athlete private training in the best garage gym and Performance Lab

Garage Gym

The Manifest Athlete Performance Lab (a.k.a. best garage gym ever) offers you a private training environment to stay focused, get the most effective results and ditch the hassle of machine chasing in public gyms.  


Be Great, Stay Great!

More than a motto. It's the way we train...

We aspire for our Athletes to develop healthy habits for results that last!

Manifest Athlete youth athletic conditioning and personal training for women and girls

Through our personalized training and one-on-one approach, we provide essential tools every athlete needs to continually move and perform better. These include:
  • Proper Form and Technique
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutritional Coaching
In health and fitness, there is no one size fits all. To constantly perform their best, athletes need training that works with their body, whatever age, and whatever level of athleticism. 

At Manifest Athlete, we don't just train you to Be Great, we train you to Stay Great!

What Clients Are Saying

Joey P.

I was most impressed with Jesse’s knowledge of how much to push my son. He would push him just enough past the comfortable stage to build confidence but not too much to cause defeat. My son loves his sessions and has seen improvements in his overall endurance and strength."

Terry G.

"Jesse has been great in tailoring my workouts to account for previous injuries and minimizing re-aggrivating them. His workouts keep the program interesting and challenging..."

Kim P.

"...I am impressed by his training customization based on my age, weight, and athletic condition - or lack thereof! :) I feel stronger and look forward to him helping me get to be my best!! Thank you, Jesse!"

Christy P.

"Jesse is amazing! My session started one month after I completed chemo for breast cancer. I was very weak and was limited in what I could do. Jesse managed to build sessions that were challenging but designed to meet my needs..."

M.A. Vision

To live in a community where people, no matter their level of athleticism, surpass their goals and perform their best in sports and day-to-day life. 

M.A. Mission

Provide intentional, one-on-one and individualized training for every athlete to excel. 

Athletic conditioning and personal training for strength building and injury prevention at Manifest Athlete gym in Hampton Cove Area
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